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I'm french, so sorry about my english
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PostSubject: Space Savior   Sun 8 Apr - 12:05

As you can see, a lot of things to do !

1 : Challenge
It will be in 2 fights
First fight :

Its a 1vs1 fight, so choose your best ! After this fight you will pass to team's fight (Even if you loose)
If you win, all your Fighters will start with +50 fury, and ennemy will start with -50 fury (So you will start with specials attacks directly)
If you loose, all your Fighters will start with -50 Fury, and ennemy will start with +50 fury (Its the ennemy who will start with specials attacks)
After defeated the first guy, you will have to beat the 2 others.

2 : Obtain
When you beat the 3 guy of a boss, you will have "Obtain". Each day you have 1 free, but you can have more with coupons or gold.

3 : Element Matrix

1 : Choose your fighter
Choose wisely the fighter you want boost.

2 : Boost with Element matrix

Be carreful, its cost Element Matrix to boost your fighter.

3 : Element matrix
This is your reserve of Element Matrix (You can see is the screen, i have one with 319. Its the universel one,named Chaos Element, he can be used for all Element Matrix)

NB : You can see 2 others things in screen 2 (Exhange Element, and Future Space)
For Exhange Element its quit simple :

And for Future Space,... wait and see
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