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I'm french, so sorry about my english
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 Hero Bond !

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PostSubject: Hero Bond !   Sun 8 Apr - 19:56

As you can see i've activated almost all Bond off this page.
To activate the "bond" its quit simple. You will need to recruit the fighters
For exemple :

As you can see the requirement was "Tavern Recruit" and "Legendary warriors"
Each bond increase stats, and when you activate a bond, you will get extra bonus !
To prepare yoursef for the future recruitement you can go here :

But thats not all you can upgrade your bonus !

Gift works with gold.
And for the exemple i will use purple.

You can see my "Freindship" is lvl 5 and give 1537 assaulter's speed
I used 120 Purples Heroes Cards

Now my "Friendship" is lvl 8 and give 1588 assaulter's speed
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Hero Bond !
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