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 Gems's Mechanics

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PostSubject: Gems's Mechanics   Tue 10 Apr - 9:37

Lets see how it works. I will use my fighter Gohan with no gems.

Base stats :

Now lets put 6 gems lvl 1 Strenght

6 Gems lvl 1 :

Now lets "Synth" our 6 gems lvl 1 once. I've got now 3 gems lvl 2 Strenght

3 Gems lvl 2 :

Now lets "Synth" our 3 Gems lvl 2. I've got now 1 gem lvl 3 and 1 gem lvl 2

1Gem lvl 3 and 1 gem lvl 2 :

Conclusion : Dont "Synth" to early your gems. i recomand to have 6 gems lvl1, then "Synth" step by step

Now witch Gems for Figthers ?

For the Vanguard :

Gems : Strenght, Stamina, Hit Rate, Dodge Rate, Block Rate and Res ! BUT dont forget to save some Pierce Gems and Crit Gems for your vanguard. For event like that :

For the Assaulter (Physics type) :

Gems : Strenght, Agility, Stamina, Hit Rate, Crit and Pierce !

For the Support and Spirit main :

Gems : Agility, Spirit, Stamina, Hit Rate, Crit and Pierce !
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Gems's Mechanics
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