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I'm french, so sorry about my english
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PostSubject: Tournament    Sun 8 Apr - 10:12

You have 4 things to do, at specific time !
To 00h (Game's time) at 23h59 you can Toast !
Where toast?

That give you Fame and Large xp scroll for Silver or gold.

Then the second things ! "Register"

You can register at 5h30 (game's time) to 23h59.

And then "Challenge" !!

You can challenge 12h (Game's time) to 22h

You have several floor each day. If you beat a floor you will get "Challenge token"

And the last things is exchange your Token ! You have two possibilites of Exchange !

The first one :

As you can see, its not really interesting, execpt 1. The "Top Stone Chest"

Why Top Stone Chest ?
Because you will need for the second exchange !

If you are a new player, it will be difficult to pass the first floor, so be patient !
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